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Technologies for Linguistic Analysis
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This proposal is aimed at improving academic writing skills of students through the creation, development and implementation of a web tool that assists in detecting these problems of style that can be found in drafting academic work. It offers additional explanations, bibliographic support and online resources. The tool is not intended to correct grammatical or spelling errors, but those problems such as repeating words close in the text, poor vocabulary, the use of colloquialisms, the unequal structure of paragraphs, and so on. All these issues cannot be detected by programs such as Word, and yet they are critical to academic achievement. Our proposal is not to create a merely "corrector", but a teaching tool that fosters independent learning because the student can work on these aspects independently of the work of the classroom, albeit also complementary. The idea is that the tool will help students improve their writing during the process of performing the task. In addition, the program also encourages autonomy in the sense that it suggests solutions to the student, but does not correct the text, so that it is the student who ultimately decides whether or not the suggested changes apply.

Web demo: http://www.estilector.com/

Contact: rogelio (dot) nazar (at) gmail.com