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Technologies for Linguistic Analysis
DSELE: a dictionary of Spanish verbs with 'se'
Screenshot of DSELE

Web demo: http://www.tecling.com/dsele

DSELE is the proposed model of a Dictionary verbs with "se" for ELE. A sample of verbs is available for online consultation. It is based on an analysis of 13,754 total corpus concordances, which results in the analysis of 273 usage patterns (CPA patterns). Such patterns are also available online. In the model, concordances are used as examples, and patterns are transformed into definitions. The verbal entry of the proposed model gives visibility to the grammatical information and not just semantics, and takes into account the degree of information to which the student has access. Therefore, an initial index incorporates a central column which is largely semantic information and a column to the right where the most grammatical information is situated.

Related publications:

+ Renau, I. (2014). Entre el léxico y la gramática: diccionarios de ELE para el aprendizaje de los verbos pronominales. XXV Congreso Internacional de la ASELE. La enseñanza de ELE centrada en el alumno. Madrid, 2014.

Contact: irene.renau at gmail.com