15 July 2021. Script developed by Daniel Mora and Rogelio Nazar. It takes a list of proper nouns without tildes and performs some sort of diacritic restoration.
For example:
input: Ramon Jose Sotomayor Diaz
output: Ramón José Sotomayor Díaz

Paste here a list of proper nouns without tildes, as in the example:

Some more details about this script:
It often happens that some database systems eliminate tildes in people's names. For example, in our university, all students' records are in this state. As we often need to send email correspondence to them, we thought it would be nice to address them using the proper orthography. We did this for our own purposes and share it as it is. It will only work with proper names. It will not be useful for full diacritic restoration of documents.
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