MOPER: Extraction of Modal Operators from Parallel Corpora

Last update: December 31, 2023

This is the web site of the MOPER project, devoted to the extraction of modal operators from parallel corpora, and is offered as companion to the following publication:
Obreque, J.; Nazar, R. (2023). Detección de operadores modales: una primera exploración en castellano. Linguamatica. 15(2): 37--49.
In its current state, it presents documentation of the project and the source-code and data (input & output).
If you have questions, you are encouraged to send email to rogelio dot nazar at pucv dot cl

Documentation of the MOPER Project

Modal operators (OMs) are a wide and heterogeneous set of linguistic expressions that signal the speaker's subjectivity about his or her utterance (Obreque, 2022; Obreque & Nazar, 2023). They are marks that, therefore, can show attitude, positioning, certainty, opinion, obligation, feeling or emotion of the issuing subject. Evidently, in fact, must have, it is possible that, fortunately, among many others, make up this set. According to Nissim et al. (2013), they are a universal phenomenon, since they are found in all languages.

In the field of modalization annotation, OMs are understood as expressions that trigger discursive modalization in the utterance (Hendrickx et al., 2012; Ghia et al., 2016). In this sense, obtaining all OMs of a language is necessary to automatically detect and annotate modalization in corpora. The complexity of this task lies in three characteristics of OMs:

  • It is a set of expressions that is not composed solely of functional elements of the language (as one might think of discourse connectors, for example).
  • They do not belong to a fixed grammatical class.
  • They are not restricted to a single word, but are also expressed as more complex and longer constructions.

In this project we propose a strategy for the detection and classification of these expressions based on a mixed methods approach with emphasis on the quantitative side, exploiting the use of Parallel Corpus (PC) as a semantic mirror between languages. The procedure consists of starting from a set of examples of OMs in one language to identify different OMs in another, and repeating the step in reverse, gradually obtaining larger lists. For example, the English OM 'undoubtedly', is associated, according to the CP, with n-grams such as ‘sin dudas’, ‘indudablemente’, ‘con toda certeza’, etc., and these, in turn, are associated with other equivalent n-grams in English.

Next, we present the source code that allows this OM detection from a set of OMs in another language. Next, we present the results of a first methodological exploration in categories of alethic, deontic, epistemic and valuational OMs. This first exploration yielded 2,003 OMs in English and 1,084 OMs in Spanish.

The corpus

For our first test, we used a fragment of the Opus Corpus (Tiedemann, 2016), the one corresponding to the English-Spanish pair of the Scielo database. This file is available here:
You need to donwload the file, uncompress it to obtain a scielo.txt file, and place it in some folder.

The vocabulary from the corpus (n-grams)

The following are the list of n-grams (1 to 5) of both English and Spanish sides of the CP. These list were obtained using Jaguar ( ). Soon we will also include here the code to extract the n-grams from the corpus. It's an easy routine that can be performed with a variety of tools. For simplicity, we offer here the already produced lists:

In English:


In Spanish:


Right-click and then "save as...".

You can also download all the n-grams in a single zip file:

These lists have to be filtered using the script, described later. This script can be executed before or after the execution of the main script. It makes more sense to do it before.

Initial lists of OM examples

Stricktly speaking, only one is necessary, as you can obtain the other using the same method. In our case, we started with the list in Spanish, obtained the list in English, and use that to obtain a new list in Spanish.

For the moment we include the list in Spanish:

This file includes examples in five categories (alethic, deontic, epistemic, valuative and veridictive).

The script

This is a Perl script,, which should be downloaded (right-click, download as...) and executed as follows:

perl epistemicES.txt 1-gramsEN.txt > result-epist-1-gramsEN.txt
That is, you are executing the script using the Spanish epistemic OM example list (epistemicES.txt) with the single-word English vocabulary list (1-gramsEN.txt) and the result should be a list of single-word epistemic OMs in English (result-epist-1-gramsEN.txt). You can try any combination or wait for us to upload a new version of the script that loops through all categories and n-grams.

You should know that the result is just a table that specifies, for every input n-gram, its probability of it being an OM. That means that once the process finishes you should use your preferred spreadsheet software to sort the results according to that probability. The reason for doing it like this is that the process takes some time, and it is best to save partial results as they appear. The truth is that we did not put much effort on the efficiency side, as this is just for the purpose of a proof of concept. But yes, at some point we will improve the code.

The cleaner

This is a secondary Perl script called, which improves results by filtering units from the input using a Part-of-speech tagger. In our case, we used UDPipe (Straka & Straková, 2017). The script must be fed with the result of the tagger. In order to tag these vocabulary list you need to add a dot at the end of each line.

The script will erase those n-grams starting with a noun and those with Spanish enclitic pronouns. For reference on its use, we also provide here an example input list after applying the tagger (right click, download as...):


Execute the cleaner like this:

perl bigramasetiquetadosepis.txt > bigramEpisClean.txt 

The result is a clean list, one candidate per line.

If you don't have time or don't want to bother installing some POS-tagger, you can use the ones we installed in our Porcus interface:

Those are configured to work with Spanish text only, but the links to the sources are there. All those systems are free and available for many languages.


Results are shown in the appendix, immediately after the references. They are organized as follows:


Ghia, E., Kloppenburg, L., Nissim, M., Pietrandrea, P., & Cervoni, V. (2016, May). A construction-centered approach to the annotation of modality. In Proceedings of the 12th ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (pp. 67-74).

Hendrickx, I., Mendes, A., & Mencarelli, S. (2012). Modality in text: a proposal for corpus annotation. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (pp. 1805-1812). European Language Resources Association.

Nissim, M., Pietrandrea, P., Sanso, A., & Mauri, C. (2013, March). Cross-linguistic annotation of modality: a data-driven hierarchical model. In Proceedings of the 9th Joint ISO-ACL SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (pp. 7-14).

Obreque, J.; (2023). Una propuesta metodológica para la detección de operadores modales en lengua castellana. Tesis para optar al grado de Magíster en Lingüística Aplicada. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Obreque, J.; Nazar, R. (2023). Detección de operadores modales: una primera exploración en castellano. Linguamatica. 15(2): 37--49.

Straka, M. & J. Straková. 2017. Tokenizing, POS tagging, lemmatizing and parsing UD 2.0 with UDPipe. CoNLL Shared Task: Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies, 88--99.

Tiedemann, J. (2016). OPUS - Parallel Corpora for Everyone. In Baltic Journal of Modern Computing (BJMC), Vol 4, No. 2, Special Issue: Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the European Association of Machine Translation (EAMT).


1: Initial lists of Spanish OMs by category




(93 cases)

a ser posible, a veces se, algunas veces se, casi nunca, casi siempre se, como es de costumbre, como es habitual, como siempre, comúnmente, con nula posibilidad, con nula probabilidad, con poca posibilidad, con poca probabilidad, con toda posibilidad, con toda probabilidad , cuando sea necesario, cuando sea posible, de seguro que, de ser necesario, de ser posible, en algún momento, en caso necesario, en la mayoría de los casos, en la medida de lo posible, en la minoría de los casos, en líneas generales, en lo posible, es casi seguro que, es difícil, es difícil que, es esperable que es frecuente, es habitual, es habitual que, es imposible que, es improbable que, es infrecuente, es más que probable, es muy improbable, es muy posible que, es muy probable que, es posible que, es probable que, esto es imposible, esto es improbable, esto es posible, esto es probable, esto no es posible, esto no es probable, eventualmente, frecuentemente, generalmente, habitualmente, infrecuentemente, jamás, lo más posible, lo más posible es que, lo más probable , lo más probable es que, lo menos posible, lo menos probable, lo menos probable que, más probable, no es esperable que, no es frecuente, no es habitual, no es posible que, no es probable que, no es seguro que, no habitual que, no podría ser que, no sería posible que, no sería probable que, normalmente, pocas veces se, podría ser, podría ser que, por lo general, posiblemente, probablemente, puede, puede que, raramente, se podría, se puede, sería imposible que, sería improbable que, sería posible que, sería probable que, si es necesario, si es posible, si fuera necesario, si fuese necesario.

Epistemic (236 cases)

a lo mejor, a lo que a mí respecta , a mi entender , a mi juicio, a mi modo de ver, a mi parecer, a nuestro entender, a nuestro juicio, a nuestro modo de ver, a nuestro parecer, a su entender, a su juicio, a su parecer, a título personal, aclaramos que, aclaro que, afirmamos que, afirmaría que, afirmaríamos que, afirmo que, al menos en teoría, al parecer, aparentemente, argumenta que, argumentamos que, argumentaría que, argumentaríamos que, argumento que, asegura, aseguramos que, aseguraríamos que, aseguro que, asevera que, aseveramos que, asevero que, ciertamente, claramente, claro, claro está, claro está que, como bien se sabe, como es sabido , como se sabe, con claridad, con toda probabilidad, concluimos que, concluiría que, concluiríamos que, concluyo que, confirmaron que, consideramos que, consideraría que, consideraríamos que, considero que, cree que, creemos, creemos que, creeríamos que, creo, creo que, cuando sea posible, definitivamente, desde esta perspectiva, desde este punto de vista, desde mi perspectiva, desde mi punto de vista, desde nuestra perspectiva, desde nuestro punto de vista, desde su perspectiva, desde su punto de vista, dudamos que, dudaría, dudo que, en algún sentido, en lo que a mí respecta, en lo que le respecta, en lo que nos respecta, en mi experiencia, en mi opinión, en nuestra opinión, en su opinión, en teoría, encuentro que, es asegurable, es claro que, es evidente que, es indudable, es lógico, es lógico que, es muy dudoso, es natural, es natural que, es obvio, es obvio que, está claro que, estamos seguros de, estoy seguro de, estoy seguro que, evidentemente, hasta donde sabemos, hasta donde se sabe, hasta donde yo sé, indudablemente, lógicamente, más o menos, me parece, me parece que, muy probablemente, no aclaramos que, no aclaro que, no asegura, no asegura que, no aseguramos que, no aseguraríamos que, no aseguro que, no asevera que, no aseveramos que, no asevero que, no cabe duda, no consideramos que, no consideraría que, no considero que, no creemos que, no creería que, no creeríamos que, no creo que, no duda que, no dudamos que, no dudaría que, no dudo que, no estamos seguros de, no estoy seguro de, no estoy seguro que, no hay duda, no hay duda de, no hay duda que, no les aseguramos que, no les aseguro que, no me consta, no me parecería que, no nos consta, no nos parece, no parece que, no pareciera que, no pareciese que, no pensamos que, no personalmente, no pienso que, no podemos afirmar, no puedo afirmar, no sabemos que, no sabemos qué, no sé , no se cree que, no se duda que, no se entiende que, no sé qué, no supondría, no supondríamos, no suponemos, no suponemos que, no supongo que, no tenemos idea, no tenemos ni idea, no tengo idea, no tengo ni idea, nos consta, nos parece que, nuestra experiencia, obviamente, parece que, pareciera que, pareciese que, pensamos que, pensaría que, pienso, pienso que, pienso yo , podemos afirmar, por lo que a mí respecta, por lo que sabemos, por lo que sé, por lo que se sabe, por supuesto, posiblemente, presumiblemente, probablemente, puede afirmar, puedo afirmar, que yo sepa, quizá, quizás, sabe que, sabemos que, se asegura que, se asevera que, se cree que, se entiende que, se evidencia que, se ha comprobado, se opina que, se piensa que, se puede afirmar, se puede aseverar que, sé que, se sabe, se sabe que, se sostiene que, se supone que, según creemos, según creo, según lo que sabemos, según lo que sé, según lo que se conoce, según lo que se sabe, según parece, según se cree, según se dice, seguramente, sin duda, sin duda alguna, sin lugar a dudas, sin ninguna duda, supondría, supondríamos, supone, suponemos, suponemos que, supongamos, supongo, supongo , supongo que, supuestamente, tal vez, tengo entendido, yo creo.

Deontic (142 cases)

como ley, como norma, como norma general, como obligación , como regla , como regla general, debe, debe ser, debe tener, debemos, deben, deberá, debería, debería ser, deberíamos, debiera, debiese, en menor grado, en menor medida, es fundamental, es fundamental para, es fundamental que, es imprescindible, es imprescindible que, es innecesario, es necesario, es necesario que, es obligada, es obligado, es obligatorio, es obligatorio que, es permitido que, es preciso, es requerible, está obligada, está obligado, está permitido, está prohibido, está prohibido que, generalmente, habitualmente, hay que, la necesita, la necesitan , lo necesita, lo necesitan, me lo permite, necesariamente, necesario, necesita, necesitamos, necesitaremos, no debe, no debe ser, no debe tener, no debemos, no deben, no deberá, no debería, no deberíamos, no es fundamental, no es fundamental para, no es fundamental que, no es necesario, no es necesario que, no es obligatorio, no es obligatorio que, no es permitido que, no es requerible, no está obligada, no está obligado, no está permitido, no está prohibido, no hay que, no necesita, no necesitamos, no necesitaremos, no puede, no requerimos, no requerirá, no resulta necesario, no se debe, no se debería, no se necesita, no se obliga a, no se permite, no se prohíbe, no se puede, no se requiere, no se tendría que, no se tiene que, no será fundamental que, no será necesario, no sería fundamental que, no sería necesario, no tendría que, no tendríamos que, no tenemos que, no tengamos que, no tiene derecho, no tiene el derecho a, no tiene el derecho de, no tiene que, normalmente, nos lo permite, obligatoriamente, por lo general, por norma, por norma general, por regla, por regla general, requerimos, requerirá, resulta necesario, se debe, se debería, se exige, se necesita, se necesitará, se nos permite, se obliga a, se permite, se prohíbe, se requiere, se tendría que, se tiene que, será fundamental que, será necesario, será necesario que, sería fundamental que, sería necesario que, tendría que, tendríamos que, tenemos la responsabilidad de, tenemos que, tengamos que, tengo la responsabilidad de, tiene derecho de, tiene el derecho, tiene el derecho a, tiene que, urge.

Valuative (188 cases)

afortunadamente, amo que, aún más importante, con tristeza, convenientemente, desafortunadamente, desgraciadamente, el más difícil, el más fácil, en el mejor de los casos, en el peor de los casos, es aberrante, es absurdo, es adecuado, es agobiante, es agradable, es apresurado, es apropiado, es buena, es buenísimo , es bueno, es bueno que, es clave, es clave que, es conmovedor, es conveniente, es desafortunado, es desagradable, es desfavorable, es desventajoso, es especial, es espeluznante, es favorable, es grave, es horrendo, es horroroso, es impactante, es importante, es impresionante, es impresionante que, es inadecuado, es inapropiado, es inconveniente, es increíble, es indispensable, es inhumano, es interesante, es justo, es justo que, es lamentable, es lo mejor, es lo peor, es mala, es malo, es malo que, es más importante, es mejor que, es muy agradable, es muy apropiado, es muy bueno que, es muy conveniente, es muy grave, es muy importante, es muy inapropiado, es muy inconveniente, es muy interesante, es muy recomendable, es muy sugerible, es muy ventajoso, es notable , es peor, es perfecta, es perfecto, es pésimo, es poco creíble, es recomendable, es sugerible, es triste, es triste que, es una buena opción, es una desgracia, es una desventaja, es una dificultad, es una pena , es una pena que, es una ventaja, es ventajoso, está bien que, está buenísimo, está mal que, está muy bien que, está muy mal que, está pésimo, felizmente, importante, importantísimo, lamentablemente, lo bueno es que, lo malo es que, lo más importante, lo mejor, lo peor, lo que es más importante, maldita, maldito, más concretamente, más importante aún, me alegra, me alegra que, me conmueve, me enfada, me enfada que, me gusta que, no es absurdo, no es adecuado, no es agradable, no es apropiado, no es bueno que, no es conveniente, no es favorable, no es grave, no es importante, no es indispensable, no es interesante, no es justo, no es justo que, no es lo mejor, no es lo peor, no es malo que, no es muy agradable, no es muy bueno que, no es muy conveniente, no es muy recomendable, no es muy sugerible, no es perfecta, no es perfecto, no es recomendable, no es sugerible, no es una ventaja, no está bien que, no está mal que, no está muy bien que, no me alegra, no me alegra que, no me gusta que, no nos conmueve, no nos gusta que, no resulta importante, no resulta interesante, no se recomienda , no se sugiere , no se sugiere que, no sería adecuado, no sería bueno que, no sería favorable, no sería interesante, no sería muy bueno que, nos conmueve, nos gusta que, odio que, por desgracia, por fortuna, por suerte, resulta importante, resulta interesante, resulta muy interesante, será favorable, será interesante, será mejor que, será peor que, sería adecuado, sería bueno que, sería favorable, sería inadecuado, sería interesante, sería malo que, sería mejor que, sería mejor si, sería muy bueno que, sería muy interesante, sería muy malo que, sería notable, sería peor que, sería peor si, son importantes, son muy importantes, tristemente, y lo más importante.

2: Intermediate results in English, by category


Intermediate results


(512 cases)

a possible explanation, also be a, also be observed, also be related, and can, and can be, and cannot, and cannot be, and it can, and it can be, and it is likely that, and it may, and it may be, and may, and may be, and may have, and may result in, and possibly, and probably, and that can, and this can, and this may, and usually, are commonly, are normally, are probably, are rarely, are usually, as it can, as it may, be affirmed that, be argued that, be attributed to, be considered a, be seen that, be stated that, but can, but it can, but it can also, but it can also be, but it can be, but may, can achieve, can act, can affect, can affect the, can also, can also be, can also be a, can also be associated, can also be considered, can also lead to, can alter, can and, can appear, can arise, can assist, can be a, can be achieved, can be achieved with, can be affirmed, can be affirmed that, can be affirmed that the, can be an, can be an important, can be analyzed, can be applied, can be argued that, can be assessed, can be associated, can be associated with, can be attributed, can be calculated, can be caused, can be characterized as, can be concluded, can be concluded that, can be considered, can be considered a, can be considered an, can be considered as, can be considered to, can be defined, can be defined as, can be defined as an, can be determined, can be divided, can be done, can be done in, can be due, can be established, can be evaluated, can be explained, can be explained by, can be expressed, can be improved, can be inferred, can be inferred that, can be influenced, can be influenced by, can be interpreted, can be interpreted as, can be justified, can be justified by, can be measured, can be obtained, can be one of, can be performed, can be read, can be reduced, can be regarded as, can be related, can be related to, can be said, can be said that, can be seen, can be seen as, can be stated, can be stated that, can be the, can be understood, can be understood as, can be used, can be useful, can be useful in, can be useful to, can be verified, can be very, can be viewed as, can become, can become a, can bring, can cause, can change, can compromise the, can consider, can create, can develop, can easily, can enhance, can even, can explain, can explain the, can favor, can generate, can get, can give, can guide, can happen, can have, can help, can help in, can help to, can improve, can improve the, can increase, can increase the, can indicate, can induce, can infer, can infer that, can interfere with, can lead, can lead to, can lead to a, can lead to an, can make, can not, can not be, can occur, can occur in, can offer, can only, can play, can predict, can present, can prevent, can produce, can promote, can provide, can range, can range from, can reach, can reduce, can reduce the, can reflect, can remain, can result, can result in, can see the, can serve, can take, can the, can then, can thus, can thus be, can trigger, can use, can vary, can vary from, cannot be considered, cannot be seen as, cannot be used, care can be, commonly, commonly associated, commonly associated with, commonly found in, commonly used, commonly used in, could be a, could be an, could be attributed, could be attributed to, could be considered a, could be explained, could be the, could reduce, could say, frequently and, frequently associated, frequently associated with, frequently found, frequently observed, frequently reported, frequently the, generally associated, generally the, generally used, habitually, have been due to, is also possible that, is commonly used, is frequently associated with, is hard to, is likely that, is likely that the, is likely to, is likely to be, is possible that, is possible that in, is possible that the, is possible that these, is possible that this, is possible that this is, is possibly due to, is probable that, is probably due, is probably due to, is probably one of the, is probably related to, is probably related to the, it can also, it can be, it can be a, it can be affirmed, it can be argued, it can be concluded, it can be considered, it can be stated, it can be understood, it can cause, it can lead to, it cannot be, it is also possible that, it is generally, it is likely, it is likely that, it is possible for, it is possible for the, it is possible that, it is possible that the, it is possible that these, it is possible that this, it is probable, it is probable that, it is usually, it is very probable that, it may also, it may also be, it may be, it may be associated, it may be concluded, it may be considered, it may be stated that, it may be that, it may lead to, it may not, it may not be, it might be, likely due to the, likely that, likely that the, may allow, may also, may also be, may also have, may be a, may be accompanied by, may be an, may be associated, may be associated to, may be associated with, may be attributed, may be attributed to, may be concluded that, may be considered, may be defined as, may be due, may be due to, may be explained, may be explained by, may be influenced, may be necessary, may be one, may be one of, may be present, may be related, may be related to, may be related with, may be seen, may be that, may be the, may be the result, may be understood, may be understood as, may be used, may be useful, may be useful for, may be useful in, may become, may cause, may change, may develop, may even, may even be, may explain, may explain the, may favor, may generate, may give rise to, may happen, may have, may have a, may have been, may have been due, may have contributed, may help, may help to, may improve, may include, may increase, may increase the, may induce, may involve, may lead to, may lead to a, may mean, may not, may not be, may not be a, may not be the, may not have, may not have been, may occur, may occur due to, may occur in, may play, may present, may prevent, may produce, may provide, may reach, may reduce, may reflect the, may require, may result from, may result in, may result in a, may result in the, may say, may seem, may serve, may show, may suggest, may take, may trigger, may vary, might also, might be a, might be associated with, might be attributed to, might be due, might be explained, might be related, might be the, might explain, might have, might lead, more commonly, most cases, most likely, normally, not normally, not usually, one can, one could, one may, one might, one possible, one possible explanation for, possible that, possible that the, possibly, possibly as a result of, possibly because, possibly due, possibly due to, possibly due to the, probable that, probably, probably as a result of, probably because, probably because of the, probably due, probably due to, probably due to a, probably due to the, probably one of the, probably related, probably related to, probably related to the, probably the, process may, since it can, so it is possible that, that may result, that there may, that there may be, that usually, the most likely, the patient may, there can, there can be, there could, there may, there may be, there may be a, they usually, this can, this can be, this can be due, this can lead to, this could, this could be, this fact can, this fact may, this finding may, this is probably, this is probably due, this may be, this may be a, this may be because, this may be due, this may be related, this may be the, this may have, this might, this might be, this result may, this was probably due to, usually, usually associated, usually associated with, usually have, usually not, usually occurs, usually present, usually the, was probably, was probably due to, what can be, whenever possible, which can also, which can be, which can be a, which can be considered, which can be explained, which can cause, which can lead, which cannot, which could be attributed to, which generally, which may be, which may be a, which may be associated, which may be due, which may be related, which may cause, which may explain, which may have, which may lead, which may lead to, which might, which might be, which might have, which usually, will never, will probably, would probably, you can, you cannot.

Epistemic (338 cases)

a clear example, a clear example of, a more or less, affirm, affirm that, affirmed that the, allegedly, and clearly, and i think, and i think that, and perhaps, and possibly, and probably, apparently, apparently healthy, appears that, are clearly, are probably, are supposed, are supposed to, are supposed to be, as it is known, assume that the, assumes that, assure, assured, assures, assuring, be affirmed that, be affirmed that the, be stated that, be stated that the, became clear, been clearly, been known, believe in the, believe it is, believe that, believe that it, believe that it is, believe that the, believe that this, believe the, believe this, believed, believed that, believed that the, believed that this, believed to be, believes that, but i think, can affirm, can be affirmed, can be affirmed that, can be affirmed that the, can be stated, can be stated that, certainly, certainly not, clear example, clear that, clear that the, clear whether, clearer, clearly and, clearly defined, clearly established, clearly the, consider that this, definitely, definitively, do not believe, do not believe that, doing things, don t know, doubt, doubt that, doubt that the, ensures that, evident that, evident that the, evidently, from this point of, from this point of view, guess, guess that, has not been clearly, i believe that, i believe that the, i do not know, i do not know if, i guess that, i know that, i think i, i think it, i think it is, i think it was, i think that, i think that it, i think that the, i think that we, i think the, i think this, i think this is, i think we, ideologically, if we consider, if we consider that, in my opinion, in our opinion, insure, insured, is a clear, is also known that, is assumed that, is assumed to, is assumed to be, is believed that, is believed that the, is believed that this, is believed to, is believed to be, is clear that, is clear that the, is clear that there, is evident that, is evident that the, is known about, is known about the, is known that, is known that in, is known that the, is known that there, is known that this, is known to, is known to be, is likely that the, is no doubt, is no doubt that, is no doubt that the, is not clear, is not clear if, is not clear whether, is not known, is not yet clear, is possible to affirm that, is possibly due to, is probably due, is probably due to, is probably due to the, is probably related to, is supposed to, is supposed to be, is thought that, is thought to, is thought to be, is understood that, is understood that the, is understood to be, is well known that, it appears that, it became clear that, it becomes clear that, it can be affirmed, it can be affirmed that, it can be stated, it can be stated that, it clear that, it is also clear, it is also known, it is also known that, it is argued, it is assumed, it is assumed that, it is believed, it is believed that, it is believed that the, it is believed that this, it is clear, it is clear that, it is clear that the, it is evident, it is evident that, it is evident that the, it is known, it is known that, it is known that in, it is known that the, it is known that there, it is known that this, it is likely that the, it is not clear, it is not clear if, it is not clear whether, it is not known, it is not so, it is obvious that, it is quite, it is thought, it is thought that, it is unclear whether, it is understood that, it is understood that the, it is well known, it is well known that, it seems clear that, it seems that, it seems that the, it seems to, it seems to me, it was clear, it was clear that, it would seem, it would seem that, know that, know that the, known about, known that, known that the, likely due to the, little is known, little is known about, little is known about the, logically, made clear, makes it clear that, maybe, more clearly, more or less, most likely, most likely due to, no doubt that, no doubt that the, not believe, not clear, not clearly, obvious that, obviously, okay, our opinion, our view, perhaps, perhaps because, perhaps due, perhaps due to, perhaps due to the, perhaps the, perhaps the most, perhaps the most important, possibly because, possibly due, possibly due to, possibly due to the, presumably, presuppose, presupposed, presupposes, probably because, probably because of the, probably due, probably due to, probably due to a, probably due to the, probably due to the fact, probably one of the, probably related, probably related to, probably related to the, probably the, recess, securing, seem that, seemingly, seems that, seems that the, suppose, suppose that, supposed that, supposed to be, supposedly, supposes, supposing, surely, the authors believe, the authors believe that, there is no clear, there is no doubt, there is no doubt that, think, think it is, think that, think that it, think that it is, think that the, think the, think they, think this, this is probably, this is probably due, this is probably due to, this might be due, this might be due to, to the best of, unclear, understood that, understood that the, undoubtedly, unquestionably, very clear, was clear, was clearly, was probably, was probably due to, was probably due to the, we believe that, we believe that in, we believe that it, we believe that our, we believe that the, we believe that this, we can affirm that, we can state that, we consider that, we consider that the, we consider that this, we considered that, we considered that the, we do not know, we know that, we know that the, we think that, well known that, will certainly, will get, will probably, with a clear, without a doubt, would probably.

Deontic (469 cases)

also be taken into, also be taken into account, also necessary, and it is necessary, and must, and must be, and should, and should be considered, and should not be, and that it is necessary, and to a lesser, and to a lesser extent, are not necessarily, as a general rule, attention must be given to, attention must be paid to, attention should be given, attention should be paid, attention should be paid to, be alert to the, be borne in mind, be borne in mind that, be considered in order to, be given to the, be guided by the, be included in the differential, be kept in mind, be paid to the, be taken into account, be taken into account that, be used with caution in, bear in mind that, borne in mind that, but it is necessary to, can and should be, cannot, care should be, compulsorily, consideration should be given to, do not necessarily, does not necessarily, does not necessarily imply, does not necessarily mean, does not necessarily mean that, fundamental that, generally, habitually, has to be taken into, has to take into account, ideally, in this study should be, included in the differential diagnosis, insure, is also necessary to, is fundamental for the, is necessary for the, is necessary in order to, is necessary not only to, is necessary that, is necessary that health professionals, is necessary that the, is necessary to, is necessary to be, is necessary to build a, is necessary to carry, is necessary to carry out, is necessary to consider, is necessary to consider that, is necessary to consider the, is necessary to create, is necessary to create a, is necessary to determine, is necessary to determine the, is necessary to develop, is necessary to develop a, is necessary to emphasize, is necessary to emphasize that, is necessary to establish, is necessary to evaluate, is necessary to evaluate the, is necessary to expand the, is necessary to have, is necessary to have a, is necessary to identify, is necessary to identify the, is necessary to invest in, is necessary to know, is necessary to know the, is necessary to make, is necessary to observe, is necessary to point out, is necessary to provide, is necessary to recognize that, is necessary to remember that, is necessary to study the, is necessary to take, is necessary to take into, is necessary to understand, is necessary to understand that, is necessary to understand the, is necessary to use, is necessary to use the, is not necessarily, is not necessary to, is owed to the fact, is still necessary to, is therefore necessary, is therefore necessary to, is why it is necessary, it becomes necessary to, it cannot be ignored that, it has to be, it is also necessary, it is also necessary for, it is also necessary that, it is also necessary to, it is fundamental for, it is fundamental for the, it is fundamental that, it is fundamental to, it is fundamental to understand, it is important not to, it is necessary, it is necessary for, it is necessary for the, it is necessary not only, it is necessary that, it is necessary that the, it is necessary that they, it is necessary that this, it is necessary to, it is necessary to analyze, it is necessary to be, it is necessary to carry, it is necessary to clarify, it is necessary to consider, it is necessary to continue, it is necessary to count, it is necessary to create, it is necessary to define, it is necessary to determine, it is necessary to develop, it is necessary to discuss, it is necessary to distinguish, it is necessary to emphasize, it is necessary to ensure, it is necessary to evaluate, it is necessary to give, it is necessary to have, it is necessary to highlight, it is necessary to identify, it is necessary to increase, it is necessary to invest, it is necessary to involve, it is necessary to keep, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to look, it is necessary to make, it is necessary to mention, it is necessary to observe, it is necessary to pay, it is necessary to perform, it is necessary to point, it is necessary to promote, it is necessary to provide, it is necessary to question, it is necessary to recognize, it is necessary to rethink, it is necessary to study, it is necessary to take, it is necessary to understand, it is necessary to use, it is necessary to verify, it is not necessary, it is not necessary to, it is required to, it is still necessary, it is still necessary to, it is therefore necessary, it is therefore necessary that, it is therefore necessary to, it must also be, it must be borne in, it must be considered, it must be considered that, it must be recognized that, it must be remembered that, it must be taken into, it needs to be, it should also be considered, it should be a, it should be considered, it should be considered that, it should be done, it should be recognized that, it should be taken, it should be taken into, it should be used, it should not, it should not be, it should not be forgotten, it should not be used, it was necessary to define, it was necessary to use, it will be necessary, it will be necessary to, it would be necessary, it would be necessary to, judiciously, kept in mind that the, makes it necessary to, mandatorily, must, must also, must also be taken into, must also take into account, must always, must be a, must be able, must be able to, must be avoided, must be aware of, must be based, must be based on, must be based on a, must be based on the, must be borne in, must be borne in mind, must be carried out, must be considered, must be considered as, must be considered in, must be considered in the, must be considered that, must be considered that the, must be considered when, must be given, must be given to, must be given to the, must be included in, must be kept, must be kept in mind, must be made to, must be prepared to, must be remembered that, must be seen as, must be seen as a, must be taken, must be taken into, must be taken into account, must be the, must be understood as, must be understood as a, must be used to, must be used with caution, must bear in mind, must consider, must consider that, must have, must have a, must include, must know, must not, must not be, must take, must take into account, must take into account that, must take into account the, necessarily, necessary, necessary that, necessary that the, necessary to consider, necessary to consider that, necessary to consider the, necessary to evaluate the, necessary to have a, necessary to identify the, necessary to know, necessary to know the, necessary to point out, necessary to recognize that, necessary to reflect on the, necessary to take into, necessary to take into account, necessary to understand the, necessitates, needs to be based on, needs to be done, normally, not be considered as a, not be understood as, not be understood as a, not be used in, not be used in patients, not necessarily mean that the, number needed to treat, number needed to treat nnt, obligatorily, of the patient should be, one must, one must consider the, one must take into account, one needs, one should, ought, owes, possihle, process must, professionals should be, shall, should, should also be considered, should also be considered in, should also be considered that, should also be taken, should always, should be a, should be a priority, should be a priority for, should be able to, should be addressed in, should be alert to the, should be associated with, should be at least, should be avoided, should be aware of, should be based, should be based on, should be based on the, should be borne in mind, should be carefully, should be considered a, should be considered an, should be considered and, should be considered as, should be considered as a, should be considered as an, should be considered by, should be considered for, should be considered in, should be considered in the, should be considered that, should be considered that the, should be considered when, should be encouraged to, should be given to the, should be guided by, should be guided by the, should be included in, should be informed about the, should be interpreted with caution, should be kept in, should be made to, should be offered to all, should be paid to, should be performed by, should be performed in, should be seen, should be seen as, should be seen as a, should be taken into, should be taken into account, should be taken into consideration, should be taken to, should be the, should be the focus of, should be treated with, should be understood, should be understood as, should be understood as a, should be used only, should be used with caution, should be viewed with caution, should consider, should consider the, should focus on the, should have access to, should know, should make, should not, should not be a, should not be considered, should not be considered a, should not be considered as, should not be forgotten, should not be forgotten that, should not be performed in, should not be restricted to, should not be seen, should not be seen as, should not be the, should not be understood, should not be understood as, should not be used, should not be used in, should not only be, should take into, should take into account, should take into account the, shouldn, so it is necessary to, special attention must be given, taken into account that the, taken into account when making, that has to be, that it is essential, that it is fundamental to, that it is necessary, that it is necessary to, that it should not, that it should not be, that must, that must be addressed, that must be considered, that must be taken, that should be used, that should not be, that we need to, the first has to do, the time needed to, there is no risk of, there must, there must be, there must be a, there must be an, there should, there should be a, therefore it is necessary to, therefore necessary, these patients should be, these should, they must, they must be, this fact is due to, use should, usually, was necessary to use, we have to do, we have to pay attention, we have to take, we must be, we must consider, we must consider that, we must consider that the, we must consider the, we must not forget that, what has to be done, what needs to be, what needs to be done, what should, what should be done, when it is necessary to, when necessary, which it was necessary to, which makes it necessary to, which must, which must be, which must be considered, which must be considered in, which must be taken into, which should be considered, who must, why it is necessary to, will be necessary to, with caution, would be necessary to, you have to be, you must.

Valuative (684 cases)

fortunately, regrettably, luckily, pusateri, distractive, unfortunately, importantly, important, lamentable, provocatively, appreciability, bewailed, important component, important predictor, important tool, important part, important strategy, important characteristic, important indicator, this important, another important, important step, important finding, important aspect, important role, important cause, important source, important point, important that, important public, important thing, very important, important factor, important element, important because, important issue, important for, important contribution, therefore important, also important, important group, more important, important and, important than, important risk, becomes important, important when, equally important, important social, considered important, particularly important, especially important, highlight that, best for, increasingly important, second important, most important, emphasize that, highly important, significant role, note that, important information, can play, not good, major role, important data, extremely important, with important, good for, indispensable for, less important, interesting and, recognize their, significant contribution, significant proportion, their best, an important public, an important component, an important tool, an important part, important part of, important tool for, another important aspect, are an important, an important strategy, important to have, represent an important, is an important, an important step, an important indicator, play an important, be an important, has an important, an important cause, plays an important, that an important, was an important, important factor for, it important to, an important role, important role in, an important factor, have an important, also an important, as an important, most important factor, important risk factor, an important risk, is important for, a very important, considered an important, is important that, an important aspect, represents an important, important source of, important public health, important cause of, interesting to note, an important source, be interesting to, is interesting to, very important to, is important in, would be interesting, become an important, is important because, important that the, important to emphasize, is very important, important aspect of, important to take, played an important, is therefore important, important because it, important to consider, important to know, is more important, an important element, was important to, it is important, important to understand, it is good, is important to, important to note, important to highlight, important to make, important to be, very important for, as important as, would be important, is also important, also important to, be important to, to emphasize that, important for the, important to point, important than the, to note that, an important issue, are important to, important factor in, important to remember, very important in, important to recognize, to highlight that, important to mention, an important contribution, important contribution to, more important than, are important in, even more important, are important for, important to stress, important to keep, important to clarify, to be important, is better than, the important role, more important in, to mention that, are very important, is particularly important, important in the, is especially important, is indispensable to, important to the, that are important, be important in, extremely important for, what is best, to remember that, to stress that, best for the, it is advisable, is advisable to, the most important, significant role in, note that the, highlight that the, a significant role, emphasize that the, extremely important to, a major cause, markup size decisions, is best for, to point out, a major role, is extremely important, most important risk, is key to, it is extremely, major role in, which are important, most important and, as a major, be stressed that, good for the, to highlight the, is an important tool, can be an important, an important factor in, an important tool to, an important predictor of, an important component of, an important part of, an important tool for, as an important tool, an important determinant of, important part of the, be an important tool, another important aspect is, is an important indicator, is important to have, play an important role, has an important role, have an important role, an important factor for, there is an important, is important for the, the most important factor, is a very important, it is important for, to be an important, an important cause of, this is an important, which is an important, may be an important, plays an important role, an important role in, it would be interesting, was the most important, is also an important, an important indicator of, is an important part, most important factor in, important to have a, it is very important, is an important factor, an important risk factor, is an important aspect, a very important role, may play an important, to play an important, an important source of, important factor in the, and it is important, is an important strategy, important factor for the, important role in the, it is important that, important risk factor for, is very important because, is as important as, consider it important to, important aspect of the, an important strategy for, is important to determine, is very important to, interesting to note that, is interesting to note, it is an important, important to note the, important to emphasize that, it is interesting to, is important that the, would be interesting to, is important because it, is important to evaluate, be an important factor, is considered an important, it is therefore important, is therefore important to, perhaps the most important, important cause of morbidity, important to mention the, is important in the, very important role in, is an important risk, is very important in, is important to emphasize, is important to take, very important for the, important to know the, is more important than, an important percentage of, the most important thing, another important aspect to, is important to consider, is the most important, important to consider the, an important aspect of, the most important one, has become an important, important to determine the, most important risk factor, has been an important, important to analyze the, in the best of, as the most important, important to consider that, played an important role, as an important factor, is important to observe, also important to note, important role in this, important to take into, is important to be, the important thing is, is an important issue, it is important to, important to note that, is important to know, important to understand the, important to assess the, is important to note, is important to highlight, to note that the, more important than the, it would be important, is important not only, important to highlight that, is important to understand, an important increase in, is important to assess, it is also important, is also important to, is important to point, important to point out, important to highlight the, to highlight that in, the most important is, important impact on the, important to evaluate the, is important to use, are very important for, important to recognize the, is important to recognize, is very important for, would be important to, is important to remember, is important to identify, it was important to, is important to make, but it is important, it becomes important to, an important impact on, important to remember that, is important to clarify, is important to mention, an important contribution to, considered the most important, to emphasize that the, also important to consider, important to mention that, be the most important, an important number of, important to recognize that, why it is important, is important to say, important to identify the, to emphasize that this, to note that this, that it is important, it is interesting that, is important to stress, important to emphasize the, to highlight that the, important to stress that, play a major role, important to clarify that, are important for the, is important to keep, it is indispensable to, also important to highlight, and the most important, important contribution to the, is better than the, most important cause of, is especially important in, it s important to, the child s nutritional, it is convenient to, important to keep in, the most important of, the second most important, the important role that, extremely important for the, the important role of, to stress that the, to point out that, very important in the, what is best for, that the most important, it is advisable to, important factor within the, the most important for, factor within the group, important in order to, is extremely important for, major role in the, how important it is, to play an important role, the most important factor in, an important factor in the, is an important factor in, is an important tool for, it is important to have, an important part of the, as the most important factor, is the most important factor, is an important source of, it is interesting to highlight, is an important determinant of, is an important indicator of, it is important for the, has an important role in, play an important role in, is an important tool to, proved to be an important, it is considered important to, be an important factor in, is interesting to highlight that, an important tool in the, that an important part of, important for the development of, have an important role in, the most important factor for, an important change in the, we consider it important to, be an important tool for, an important factor for the, can play an important role, it is interesting to observe, it is important to include, an important tool for the, and plays an important role, as an important part of, an important indicator of the, is interesting to observe that, play a very important role, is important to determine the, an important public health issue, it is important to report, another important aspect is the, an important increase in the, to be an important tool, are an important source of, it is important to define, as an important tool for, is an important predictor of, may play an important role, an important risk factor for, plays an important role in, is an important part of, it would be interesting to, it is very important to, the most important thing is, is as important as the, this is an important aspect, that an important percentage of, represent an important cause of, is important to have an, important finding of this study, as an important component of, it is important to distinguish, important public health problem in, is an important strategy to, it is very important for, that this is an important, the important role played by, is an important public health, is very important because it, factors play an important role, is an important factor for, it is important to follow, an important role in reducing, which is the most important, it is important to determine, an important role in the, and it is important to, is important to consider the, important to emphasize that the, is interesting to note that, it is interesting to note, is important to mention the, it is important to analyze, important to consider that the, interesting to note that the, is important to note the, it is important to evaluate, it is therefore important to, it is important that the, is important to emphasize that, it is important to study, important to take into account, a very important role in, the best of cases, is an important cause of, is important to evaluate the, it is important to emphasize, is an important risk factor, an important cause of morbidity, it is important to take, important role in this process, an important source of information, important to note that these, is important to have a, continues to be an important, is more important than the, an important percentage of the, an important role in this, important to highlight that in, played an important role in, is important to consider that, important to note that the, it is important to consider, is also important to note, it is important to observe, is important to take into, important to pay attention to, very important role in the, an important aspect of the, important to emphasize that in, it is also interesting to, important role in the prevention, it is important to provide, are an important cause of, is considered the most important, the first and most important, important role in the development, also important to note that, it is important to be, is important to recognize the, important to highlight that this, is important to know the, it is important to know, is important to highlight that, it is important to note, is important to assess the, important to note that in, it is important to highlight, is important to note that, it would be important to, important to point out that, it is important to understand, is important to point out, it is important to point, it is also important to, it would be very important, this is a very important, an important aspect in the, it is important to acknowledge, is an important marker of, it is equally important to, it is important to perform, has played an important role, the fifth important factor in, to note that in this, it is important to promote, is important to analyze the, is important to be able, be seen as an important, reason it is important to, is a very important factor, we deemed it important to, i think it is good, an important step in the, it is important to differentiate, is an important aspect of, it is important that these, important to note that there, is important to identify the, it is important to use, is important to understand the, important to remember that the, but it is important to, it is important to assess, is important to highlight the, it is important to identify, it is important to recognize, it is important to remember, important risk factor for the, an important impact on the, is important to remember that, the important thing is to, important to understand that the, also important to consider that, it is important to notice, it is important to investigate, it is important to improve, most important risk factor for, it is very important that, important to be able to, it is important to mention, it is important to make, that it is important to, important to emphasize that this, it is important to examine, is very important for the, is also important to consider, it is important to clarify, important to highlight that the, is important to mention that, it is important to say, also important to consider the, be an important cause of, is important to add that, it is interesting to notice, it was considered important to, as an important source of, so it is important to, is important to notice that, it is important for nursing, plays a very important role, a major factor in the, have played an important role, to take into account that, to point out that this, it is important to develop, it is important to establish, important factor in both decisions, important to take into consideration, is important to emphasize the, is important to clarify that, it is important to stress, is important to say that, important to note that this, important to stress that the, is important to stress that, is also important to emphasize, it is important to look, which it is important to, an important influence on the, it is the most important, important to note that all, is important to examine the, an important element of the, it is important to underline, this is especially important in, important to point out the, it is important to avoid, is important to observe that, an important element in the, it is important to add, is extremely important for the, is also important to mention, why it is important to, an important contribution to the, is important to recognize that, to be the most important, is also important to highlight, it is important to keep, important to keep in mind, although it is important to, is important to understand that, it is extremely important to, is important not only for, the most important cause of, is why it is important, a significant risk factor for, it is interesting to point, is interesting to point out, important to mention that the, important factor within the group.

3: Final results in Spanish, by category


Final results


(69 cases)

probablemente, posiblemente, usualmente, normalmente, comúnmente, habitualmente, comunmente, probablemente debido, posiblemente debido, probablemente porque, pueda causar, pudiendo causar, nunca será, debido posiblemente, podría explicarse, posible explicación, podría atribuirse, posiblemente porque, generalmente está, ello podría, podría deberse, podría reducir, probablemente relacionado, probablemente sea, pudiendo generar, podría afirmar, pudiendo llegar, podría explicar, pudo deberse, podría disminuir, podría pensarse, podrían ayudar, podría reflejar, podría constituir, podría conducir, podría sugerir, podría esperar, podrían explicar, quizá sea, podrían deberse, podría llevar, porque podría, pueda ser considerada, podría ser explicado, pudo haber contribuido, posiblemente se debe, pudo haber sido, posible que ese, pudiendo ser considerado, cual se podría, podría ser considerada, podría estar relacionado, posible que exista, podría ser un factor, podría ser una opción, posible explicación para ese, tal vez a causa, podría ser una herramienta, tal vez no sea, tal vez se deba, podría tener un efecto, independientemente de la etiología, ese hecho puede ser explicado, esa diferencia puede ser explicada, ese hecho puede estar relacionado, ese resultado puede estar asociado, ese hallazgo puede ser explicado, probablemente debido a la mayor, probable es que se trate.

Epistemic (160 cases)

supuestamente, pienso, aparentemente, presumiblemente, creo, ciertamente, creían, pensaran, obviamente, piensan, crees, creemos, supóngase, duda, cree, quizás, supongamos, presuntamente, creen, quizá, lógicamente, pensamos, sabido, seguramente, indudablemente, piensen, acreditamos, creímos, pretendidamente, creía, talvez, piensas, creyeron, verosímilmente, presupone, sabe, evidentemente, creído, presuponen, claro, sabemos, indudable, pensemos, entendí, creíamos, presuponía, supongo, dudamos, entendamos, suponiéndose, pensaríamos, probablemente, piense, desconocemos, nítidamente, indiscutiblemente, afirmen, asegurado, obvio, suponemos, creyó, divisar, considero, aparentemente sanos, yo pienso, ninguna duda, piensa usted, claramente definido, probablemente porque, entonces pienso, veces pienso, debido posiblemente, mayoría cree, probablemente debido, autores creen, posiblemente debido, usted cree, yo creo, posiblemente porque, ejemplo claro, queda claro, nuestra opinión, posible pensar, tengo dudas, quizá porque, resulta claro, usted piensa, cabe duda, duda alguna, está clara, está claro, claro ejemplo, fue claro, pues parece, estaba claro, quedó claro, quizás porque, nosotros sabemos, claramente definidos, claro cómo, bien sabido, parece claro, claramente establecida, pensar críticamente, probablemente relacionado, mi opinión, lógico pensar, poco clara, quedado claro, claramente definidas, podría suponer, deja claro, manera definitiva, me parece, quedó clara, necesario pensar, dejar claro, resulta evidente, porque parece, razonable pensar, nosotros consideramos, razonable suponer, podríamos pensar, verdad yo, podemos afirmar, poco se sabe, está claro cómo, pienso que fue, creo que tiene, algunos autores creen, entonces yo creo, pienso que él, tal vez porque, encuentro que soy, piensan que están, lugar a dudas, tal vez debido, creo que está, pues se sabe, porque se sabe, existe una clara, hasta donde sabemos, aunque se sabe, yo pienso así, tal vez sea, desde nuestro punto, encuentro que soy capaz, aún no está claro, yo pienso que fue, poco se sabe respecto, pienso que es necesario, yo pienso que ella, poco se sabe acerca, tal vez lo más importante, soy capaz de seguir mi, pienso que es muy importante, probablemente debido a la mayor, poco lo que se sabe, todavía no se ha definido, yo pienso que si yo.

Deontic (653 cases)

idealmente, debiera, deberían, necesariamente, debieran, generalmente, deberíamos, debiesen, deben, usualmente, debe, imperar, deberá, debiendo, debemos, normalmente, obligatoriamente, acatar, reorganicen, debamos, habitualmente, deban, debiese, regir, deberemos, preferiblemente, propender, debía, suelen, debían, considerase, ineludiblemente, debe conocer, deben tenerse, debe siempre, deben utilizar, debe mantenerse, debe basarse, debe saber, debe realizarse, debe ocurrir, debe promover, deben quedar, debe involucrar, deben establecer, necesario conocer, fuere necesario, todos deben, debe permanecer, siempre deben, debe comenzar, deben mantener, debería considerar, generalmente está, debe solicitar, debe intentar, debería incluir, humano debe, deberían recibir, deben llevarse, deben contener, debemos mantener, deben constituir, debe hacerse, deben incluir, debe llevar, deben adoptar, debe considerar, debe existir, debe seguir, debe permitir, deben participar, debe orientar, debe iniciarse, deben actuar, debe servir, debe demostrar, debe estudiar, debe evaluarse, debe incluirse, necesario disponer, deben evitarse, deben estimular, debemos evitar, debe explicar, deben fomentar, debe garantizar, debe superar, deberían presentar, debemos usar, debe limitar, necesario afirmar, debe enfocarse, debe ayudar, debe producir, debe participar, debe contribuir, debe extenderse, deben superar, debe sospechar, deben descartar, deben establecerse, debe investigar, debe registrar, debe mostrar, deben mantenerse, debe guiar, deben construir, deben abarcar, debe alcanzar, debe reconocer, deben considerarse, debe ofrecer, debe contener, debe quedar, debe adoptar, debe disponer, deben atender, debe prestar, siempre debe, debe iniciar, generalmente ocurre, deben garantizar, deben hacerse, necesario definir, futuros deben, deben continuar, deben utilizarse, debe centrarse, debe suspender, debe usarse, debe obtener, ideal debería, debe incluir, debe utilizar, deberían considerar, deben respetar, debe asegurar, deben recibir, debe evitar, debe buscar, debe evaluar, debe ir, debe poseer, condición necesaria, debe responder, deben enfocar, deben desarrollar, debe mantener, debemos considerar, debe contar, debe darse, necesario observar, debe evitarse, necesario recordar, debe olvidar, necesario incluir, deben incorporar, debe pasar, necesariamente implica, deben evitar, generalmente tienen, deben responder, debemos trabajar, necesario repensar, necesario entonces, generalmente asociada, debe abarcar, deben considerar, necesario comprender, considera necesario, debe recordar, deben realizarse, preciso considerar, debe tratar, deben tomarse, debe partir, debe formar, conocimiento debe, cual deben, deben orientar, debe disminuir, consideramos necesario, debe estimular, debe continuar, debe establecer, debe realizar, debe actuar, debe contemplar, debe asumir, debe analizar, deben usar, generalmente están, debe utilizarse, debe dejar, deben trabajar, debe aplicarse, era preciso, deben identificar, debe reflejar, deben servir, necesario obtener, deben alcanzar, debe favorecer, debemos dejar, debe empezar, deben llevar, debe abordar, debe procurar, necesario considerar, debe tomar, necesario reconocer, deben buscar, debe informar, deben pasar, deben promover, debe respetar, resulta necesario, debe atender, deben poseer, debería existir, hace necesario, debe tenerse, necesario destacar, deben asumir, necesario estudiar, necesario entender, estudios deben, ella debe, parece necesario, solo debe, debe incorporar, debe poner, debe pensar, debe prevalecer, deben saber, debe aclarar, cuales deberán, deberían incluir, debe valorar, debe basar, deben decidir, debemos reconocer, deben acompañar, deben involucrarse, debe medir, debe agregar, debe intentarse, deben preocuparse, conducta debe, necesario incorporar, debe elegir, deben realizar, debe cumplir, necesario tomar, debe usar, necesario recurrir, debe recordarse, deben ir, deben tomar, necesario utilizar, necesario trabajar, necesario señalar, deben cumplirse, debe comprender, deben generar, necesario verificar, estudiantes deben, debe enfatizar, deben prestar, necesario estimular, necesario crear, deben permanecer, torna necesario, debe presentar, deben ofrecer, necesario aclarar, deberá incluir, debe hacerlo, sería preciso, deben analizar, debe respetarse, debe reducir, debe integrar, debe entenderse, deben presentar, deben integrar, debe incentivar, debe aplicar, debe intervenir, debe descartar, debe cuidar, debe exceder, necesario promover, necesario pensar, necesario determinar, debe entender, debe verificar, deben seguir, deben conocer, debe tomarse, necesario desarrollar, deben cumplir, necesario establecer, debe destacar, debe observar, deben evaluar, debe recibir, debe aprender, necesario implementar, generalmente presentan, nunca debe, debe proceder, debe definir, hacen necesario, debería realizar, necesario generar, necesario avanzar, debe resaltar, necesario contar, necesario invertir, implica necesariamente, necesario profundizar, debe enfrentar, hace necesaria, necesario analizar, necesario identificar, necesario enfatizar, debe trabajar, estrictamente necesario, debe elaborar, deben investigar, debe soportar, debe obedecer, deberían evaluar, deben desempeñar, debe encontrar, deben usarse, deben concentrarse, deben formar, deben contar, necesario mejorar, necesario evaluar, deben contribuir, debemos olvidar, deben implementar, debe acompañar, deben existir, necesario ampliar, necesario continuar, fue preciso, necesario seguir, debe subrayar, necesario adoptar, debe suceder, deben adoptarse, pues debe, deben mejorar, debe valorizar, debe señalar, debe dirigir, debe aumentar, debe adaptarse, necesario usar, necesario aplicar, debe determinar, necesario ofrecer, debería considerarse, necesario articular, necesario buscar, necesario aumentar, debe destacarse, necesario explorar, necesario fortalecer, siendo imprescindible, necesario cambiar, hacen necesarios, siendo necesaria, debe ser considerada, debe ser entendida, deben ser tratados, deben ser evitados, debe ser analizado, debe ser evitado, debe ser hecha, debe ser vista, debe ser siempre, debe ser visto, debe ser dada, debe estar basada, debemos estar atentos, debe ser objeto, debe ser capaz, debe ser evaluado, debe ser consciente, debe ser cuidadosamente, debe ser analizada, deben estar disponibles, debe ser tratada, deben ser utilizados, debe ser evitada, siempre se debe, debe ser llevado, debe estar orientada, debe ser superior, debe ser comprendido, deben tener acceso, deben ser analizadas, debe ser inferior, debe ser individualizada, debe ser mantenida, deben ser usadas, deben ser adoptadas, debe ser utilizada, debe ser tomada, debe ser menor, deben ser evaluadas, debe ser entendido, deben estar atentos, cuenta al momento, debe ser iniciada, debe ser informado, deben ser realizados, debe ser tenido, debe ser parte, esos pacientes deben, deben ser reconocidos, debe ser respetado, debe ser incluida, importante y debe, deben ser mantenidos, deben ser tenidas, deben estar preparados, debe ser realizado, debe ser usada, sino que debe, debe ser reconocido, deben ser analizados, debe ser interpretado, debe ser realizada, debe ser evaluada, debe ser compartida, deben ser discutidas, debe ser suficiente, deben ser estimulados, deben ser considerados, debe ser considerado, deben ser tenidos, deben ser utilizadas, deben ser vistos, deben ser realizadas, debe estar presente, deben ser interpretados, debe ser hecho, debe ser usado, debe prestar atención, deben ser monitorizados, deben ser incentivadas, debe ser abordado, necesario prestar atención, deben ser evaluados, deben ser administrados, debe prestar especial, deben ser hechos, debe ser retirado, deben ser objeto, debe ser administrada, deben ser consideradas, deben ser usados, debe estar atento, debe ser tratado, debe ser aplicado, debe ser llevada, debe estar siempre, deben ser observados, debe ser comprendida, deben ser sometidos, deben estar presentes, debe ser utilizado, deben ser capaces, deben ser cuidadosamente, tenerse en cuenta, debe estar preparado, debe tener cuidado, necesario un estudio, necesario a tratar, debe ser tenida, debe formar parte, deberían haber sido, deben ser conscientes, necesarios para prevenir, necesario para determinar, deben ser seguidas, debe ser aumentada, deben ser tomadas, deben ser incorporados, debemos tener presente, necesaria la evaluación, deben ser tomados, deben hacer parte, debe hacer parte, deben ser respetados, debe ser respetada, deben ser desarrolladas, necesario que exista, deben ser llevados, necesarios para identificar, necesarias para realizar, necesarios para asegurar, necesaria para evitar, deben ser incentivados, necesarios para atender, necesario que sea, debe ser aplicada, necesaria la utilización, deben ser desarrollados, debe ser desarrollada, deben ser conocidas, necesario para garantizar, necesarias para garantizar, necesario para obtener, necesaria la realización, necesarios para evaluar, deben ser hechas, deben ser investigados, necesarias para alcanzar, debe tener presente, debe ser mayor, llevar en consideración, deben ser resueltos, necesarios para mejorar, necesario que sean, necesaria la identificación, debe ser observado, necesario realizar estudios, necesario el desarrollo, necesaria una mayor, necesarios para entender, sino que deben, necesaria la comprensión, debe ser investigada, aunque es necesario, necesaria para alcanzar, fue necesario realizar, necesitan más estudios, deben ser tratadas, necesario que haya, necesaria la participación, necesarios para realizar, necesaria para mantener, necesario para alcanzar, necesarios nuevos estudios, necesaria para lograr, deben tenerse en cuenta, debe tomar en cuenta, debemos tener en cuenta, debe considerar la posibilidad, debe tener como objetivo, debe ser una prioridad, deben llevarse a cabo, deben tener en cuenta, debe tomarse en cuenta, todos los esfuerzos deben, debe llevar en consideración, deben tomar en cuenta, siempre que sea necesario, debe ser un proceso, equipo de salud debe, salud deben estar atentos, debe ser una práctica, necesario que los enfermeros, debe ser lo suficientemente, debemos tener en mente, resultados deben ser interpretados, necesario tomar en cuenta, debe tener en cuenta, debe prestar especial atención, debe ser el objetivo, necesario que el individuo, debe obtener el consentimiento, debe considerar el contexto, deben estar de acuerdo, necesario tomar en consideración, debemos tomar en cuenta, debe ser la base, debe estar al tanto, debe ser el foco, necesario tener en cuenta, debe ir más allá, debe llevar a cabo, debe tenerse en cuenta, debe tener en mente, debe ser un factor, debe existir un equilibrio, necesario que el médico, deberá tener en cuenta, necesario que el equipo, necesario que el profesional, necesario que el enfermero, sino que se debe, necesarias para el desarrollo, necesarias para el cuidado, necesario ampliar el número, deben ser una prioridad, necesarias para la realización, necesarios para el desarrollo, necesario que los profesionales, necesarias para la práctica, necesaria para el desarrollo, necesario que se hagan, considerar que los pacientes, necesarios para el cuidado, necesario aumentar el número, necesario realizar un estudio, considerar en el análisis, necesarios para la atención, necesario que las instituciones, deben ser tenidas en cuenta, debe ser tomada en cuenta, debe ser tenido en cuenta, deben ser tenidos en cuenta, debe ser tomada en consideración, realizado en pacientes con infección, deben pasar por un entrenamiento, debe ser realizado en pacientes, debe ser considerado en pacientes, debe ser llevado en consideración, tenerse en cuenta al momento, debe continuar con el tratamiento, debe ser considerada en todos, necesarias del gerente de enfermería, deben ser interpretadas con cautela, deben ser realizados más estudios, debe ser un proceso continuo, necesarias para llevar a cabo, deben cumplir con una serie, deben ser preparados y administrados, debe mantenerse durante al menos, necesario para determinar la eficacia, debe ser interpretado con cautela, necesarias para proteger la salud, debe ser llevada a cabo, debe ser tenida en cuenta, necesaria la realización de estudios, deben ser interpretados con cautela, hemos de tener en cuenta, deben ser tomados en cuenta, debe obtener el consentimiento informado, necesario para alcanzar ese nivel, debe ser evaluada con cautela, debe tener las siguientes características, debería basarse en los resultados, deben ser administradas por vía.

Valuative (202 cases)

desgraciadamente, lamentable, afortunadamente, infortunadamente, infelizmente, desafortunadamente, lamentablemente, importante, importantes, desdichadamente, felizmente, importantísimo, lastimosamente, invertían, resaltar, subrayar, destacar, inestimables, importante indicador, igualmente importantes, algo importante, importante predictor, importante estrategia, considerados importantes, importante aspecto, importante mecanismo, importante fuente, particularmente importante, importante rol, extremadamente importante, altamente importante, importante causa, importante instrumento, consideran importante, importante pensar, siendo importantes, importante papel, importante factor, importante porque, importante herramienta, igualmente importante, importante promover, extremamente importante, importantes herramientas, importante marcador, siendo importante, consideramos importante, importante trabajo, importante reflexionar, importantes informaciones, importante incluir, importante diferenciar, importante elemento, importante obtener, importantes factores, sumamente importante, importante era, importante recurso, importante considerar, importante conocer, importante reconocer, importante función, importante crear, importante verificar, determinante importante, importante componente, importante entender, importante saber, importante desde, interesante resaltar, importantes fueron, importante enfatizar, menos importantes, importantes relacionados, importante recordar, importante fue, importantes implicaciones, importante contar, importantes desafíos, importante señalar, importante contribución, importantes contribuciones, importante realizar, importante comprender, importante determinar, importante estudiar, importante definir, importante determinante, importante estudio, constituyen importantes, importante subrayar, importante establecer, importante medio, importante problema, importante destacar, importante analizar, considera importante, importantes tanto, considerado importante, hace importante, importante evitar, importantes aspectos, importante relatar, especialmente importante, importante identificar, importante cambio, importante aún, importante resaltar, consideró importante, importante indicar, bastante importante, importante observar, importante evaluar, representa un importante, desempeñan un importante, consideran más importante, importante para comprender, importante tener presente, importante de esa, importante para mí, importante para evitar, fue muy importante, importantes que afectan, considerada un importante, importante que debe, importantes a considerar, tiene un importante, importante para explicar, aunque es importante, siendo un importante, importante que afecta, importante y debe, importante en pacientes, importante en cuanto, importante para mejorar, importante prestar atención, destacar que existen, destacar el papel, destacar que algunos, juegan un papel importante, importantes para el desarrollo, importantes factores de riesgo, importante para la determinación, desempeñar un papel importante, importante en el desarrollo, importante en la evaluación, juegan un rol importante, importantes en la determinación, importante para el diagnóstico, importante de la vida, tiene un papel importante, importante en la formación, importante desde el punto, importante que el equipo, importante para la práctica, juega un papel importante, importante factor de riesgo, importante en el proceso, tiene un importante papel, desempeña un importante papel, importante en la producción, importante para el control, importante en las determinaciones, desempeña un rol importante, importante para las determinaciones, desempeñan un importante papel, importante para la planificación, importante en la regulación, importante en la percepción, importante causa de morbimortalidad, importante de la salud, importantes para la prevención, importantes para la comprensión, importante fuente de información, importante para ambas determinaciones, importantes para la planificación, importante para la formación, importante tener en cuenta, desempeñan un papel importante, importante problema de salud, importante para el desarrollo, importante que los profesionales, importante en la determinación, importantes para la salud, importantes en la enseñanza, importante en la definición, importante en la reducción, importante para el desempeño, importantes en la toma, importantes para la práctica, importante en la manutención, importantes en el sentido, poseen un importante papel, importante en la protección, importante para la consolidación, importante para el bienestar, tiene un papel muy importante, fue considerado como altamente importante, pienso que es muy importante, importante papel en la evaluación, importante papel en el control, juegan un papel muy importante.